Tumulty's <---

Located on George St on College Ave, Tumulty's is a small pub that is supposedly New Brunswick's Original Restaurant- too bad there's nothing original about it.

Walking into Tumulty's you get a very Pub-y feel, however to me it felt somewhat novelty. The booths are large and most everything in the restaurant is made of wood. The bar is nice, and there is a surprising amount of tables.

Tumulty's offers "Casual American Food" with Irish pazazz. The Menu is pretty extensive with some pub favorites like Fish and Chips, Pork Chops, Burgers, and some items you might not find at other places like Roast Beef and au jus. Everything is priced pretty decent with Burgers and sandwiches around 8 or 9 bucks and entrees a little more pricey, however i dont think I'd come here for the filet.

For a starter we tried the potato wedges covered in cheese and bacon, which were under the misnomer of potato skins, and were only ok. Then came the salads, which are probably the most original thing about Tumulty's. I had heard of the mysterious salad from a friend before who stated they are "strange". They are. Take a head of lettuce, chop it into fourths, pour some random dressing on it and there you go- salad. Im not a huge fan of iceburg lettuce as well, and many people don't know that iceburg lettuce doesn't have as much nutritional value as say Romaine lettuce or baby spinach. But enough about the weird-ass salad. I had ordered Manley's Mess which was Roast Beef on french bread with carmalized onions and your choice of swiss or cheddar and au jus dipping sauce. It was an obvious decision to choose swiss and my sandwich was actually really good, and was great with the au jus.

Im not sure if I'd really recommend Tumulty's to anyone. The pricing wasn't bad and the food was decent, however they have a buy one entree get one free on Mondays which would make it worthwhile, but otherwise I think Tumulty's is only ok.

361 George Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Tel: 732-545-6205
Fax: 732-545-6383

Mon-Sat 12-12AM
Sun 12-10PM



Back to school eating <---

It feels great to be back at school and Im definitely going to be hitting up a bunch of restaurants. Rutgers has an extremely diverse student body which leads to a ton of interesting places to eat on college ave. I also plan on doing a weekly Fat Sandwich critique where I'll try a new fat-sammy each week until Ive tried em' all-hopefully I'll still be able to taste the differences between sandwiches while being slightly inebriated at 3AM.