Sahara <---

Ive been meaning to do this review forever so Im gonna do a quick run through of Sahara Mediterranean Cafe.

Sahara is great Mediterranean food and one of the fancier places in New Brunswick. The decor is really nice and it's a good break from Fat sandwiches and dining hall food, which does a number on your stomach- its important to note that Rutgers Housing bathrooms clog easily.

The food at Sahara is well priced and as many would say- legit. Yes, this is a legit Mediterranean restaurant, so order Hummus as an appetizer with peppers and herbs.

Sahara isn't cheap but its extremely well priced for what you receive. I ordered the Lamb Schwarma, which came with a huge amount of rice, beats, and couscous. The chicken schwarma was quite delectable as well.

40 bucks for an appetizer, two huge entrees that became the next days dinner, and an overall great meal, Sahara is well worth it and I definitely recommend it.

Sahara Cafe
165 Easton Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1856
Phone: (732) 246-3020
Hours: 7 days a week