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This past weekend I began college shopping (pt 1), which included a trip to Ikea. I was unaware that in order to get the whole "Ikea experience" one needed to not only walk through the entire store which is already massive, but also to enjoy the fine swedish dining Ikea offers.

Let me start off by saying that the Ikea restaurant itself looks more like a college dining hall than a restaurant, so prepare to grab a tray and utensils. However, the seating area is quite nice and has a very Ikea-modern-esque feel. I got the swedish meatballs which is served alongside mashed potatoes, gravy and lingonberry sauce. The meatballs went great with the creamy gravy and the lingonberries, which are much like cranberries, tasted really nice along with the lingonberry juice. I later purchased lingonberry syrup so that I could make this wonderful drink at home. Fucking lingonberries. The mashed potatoes were as potatoey as you would want them and covered with rich gravy, which when accompanied with a bit of garlic bread was also a great C-C-Combo.

Ikea food is highly underrated and my meal only cost around 6 bucks! Maybe next time I'll skip trudging through the entire store and just get some meatballs.

Ikea restaurant page:

Also, in the time I wrote this I found that IKEA is an acronym that stands for the founders name Ingvar Kamprad, where he grew up Elmtaryd, and his parish Agunnaryd. Conceited prick!

More posts to come.

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